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Confusion about the Book of Mormon  by F. Richard Hauck
Katun Predictions   by Dave Gray
Book of Mormon Directions    by Douglas K. Christensen
Jaredites and the Honey Bee
The White God Quetzalcoatl    by Joseph L. Allen
The 1921 General Authority Book of Mormon Committee    by Douglas K Christensen
Another Idea for Nephi’s Ship    by Stephen L. Carr
Using Three-Dimensional Maps to Explore Book of Mormon Geography    by Larry Poulsen
The Book of Mormon as a Mesoamerican Record    by Douglas K Christensen
The Book of Mormon and Haplogroup X...again    by Tyler Livingston
What the Book of Mormon says about Cumorah’s location    by Mont Woolley
Horses and Bridles in the Book of Mormon    by Daniel R. Johnson
Changes in the Book of Mormonby Douglas K Christensen
Mesoamerican Speech Scrolls    by Diane E. Wirth
The “great city” and “the place where the sea divides the land”    by Ted Dee Stoddard and Larry Poulsen
The Coronation of Mosiah by King Benjamin    by BMAF staff
Pierced Hand Glyph    by Shirley Heater
DNA and the Book of Mormon     by David G. Stewart Jr.
Horses and Bridles in the Book of Mormon    by Ted Dee Stoddard
Rule by Councils and Judges    by Daniel Johnson
Ancient Metal Plates    by Daniel Johnson
Glenn Beck and the Heartlanders    by Douglas K Christensen
Oxen in the New World    by John Tvedtnes
Did Joseph know the Rocky Mountains were their ultimate destination; and did he know where Book of Mormon lands are?     by Douglas K Christensen
Another Look at Barley in the Book of Mormon    by Tyler Livingston
Highways in the Book of Mormon    by John Tvedtnes
The Demise of one "Mormon Myth" about the Hill Cumorah    by Ted Dee Stoddard
Parallels between the Book of Mormon Nephites/Lamanites and the Maya    by Ted Dee Stoddard, Phd
Word Print Analysis and Joseph Smith's Role as Editor of Times and Seasons   by BMAF Staff
Hill Cumorah Soils Test    by BMAF Staff
The "Uneducated" Prophet    by P. Douglas Kiester
Book of Mormon Criteria for the Hill Cumorah    by V. Garth Norman
Columbus, The "Promised Land" and the Restoration of the Gospel    by Richard Millett
Reformed Egyptian    by Jeff Lindsay
Was the Flood Worldwide or Local?    by M. Wells Jakeman
Joseph Smith and the Translation of the Book of Mormon    by AAF Staff
Colophons in the Book of Mormon    by John Tvedtnes
Critical Criteria for Identifying the New World Lands of the Book of Mormon    by Ted Dee Stoddard
Alma 1:29: An Abundance of Flocks and Herds.....and.....and.......and   by Alan Miner
Honoring the Book of Mormon after 180 years    by Shirley R. Heater (click here for a short biography)
Dr. Hugh Nibley's Book of Mormon Challenge    by Alan Miner
The Origin of the Mesoamerica Book of Mormon Model    by Edwin Lamont Woolley
The Importance of Incense    by John L. Sorenson
Human Sacrifice    by Ted Dee Stoddard
If there are Faults They are the Mistakes of Men    by Ted Dee Stoddard
Measuring Mesoamerica by the Cubit    by V. Garth Norman
Darwin's Influence (with member comments)    by Shirley R. Heater
An Ancient Mesoamerican Document    by Douglas K. Christensen
The Book of Mormon’s “Mother Culture” of the New World    by Ted Dee Stoddard
General Authority Comments Regarding Book of Mormon Geography    by Stephen L. Carr
Geology and the Book of Mormon    by Tyler Livingston
Joseph Smith and the Beginning of Book of Mormon Archaeology    by V. Garth Norman
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