In February 2007, the BMAF annual tour and conference was held in Santiago Tuxtla, a small town at the base of the proposed site for the Hill Cumorah.  Accompanying us was Dr. F.Richard Hauck, a well known LDS archaeologist. Other presenters included a Mexican LDS convert archaeologist who had been raised as a witch in this area and was converted by the Book of Mormon.

The week-long tour took in many areas of the Olmec heartland. Starting at Veracruz, the tour proceeded to Santiago Tuxtla and Catemaco where the group climbed the Cerro Vigia, proposed as the Hill Cumorah. The famous Olmec museums at Jalapa and Santiago Tuxtla and the famous LaVenta Park in Villahermosa gave the group a wealth of information on the Olmec . Then on to La Venta, an ancient Olmec city proposed as the City of Lib.  The famous site of Palenque enchanted tour members.  The last day was spent at the mystical site of Teotihuacan near Mexico City. 

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