V. Garth Norman is recognized as the leading authority in iconographic research of the early Mayan Izapan culture.   He worked with the  New World Archaeological Foundation at the ruins of  Izapa for 11 years and has published books and papers on that culture.  Garth is President of the Ancient America Foundation (AAF) for professional and scriptural archaeology research, and is Director of Archaeological Research Consultants (ARCON Inc.). He began his professional archaeology career in 1965 and worked as a research associate with the BYU-New World Archaeological Foundation’s Izapa, Mexico project, completing the major work on the Izapa Sculpture project in 1976, which includes the Stela 5 "Tree of Life" stone. His most recent project has been exploring a natural temple center at the Parowan Gap in southwestern Utah where he has discovered an observatory and calendar link to Mesoamerica.
He taught seminary for ten years and has graduate degrees in Ancient Scripture and in Archaeology/Anthropology. He has had a life-long research interest in archaeological exploration of the Book of Mormon as well as Archaeo-Astronomy, ancient units of measurement, Book of Mormon geography and more.
Brother Norman has published a comprehensive map of his proposed Book of Mormon geography model along with a study guide.  You can read about this project at:  www.ancientamerica.org   He also has a very comprehensive personal/professional website which highlights his lifetime research with the ancient Royal Babylonian cubit and the Royal Egyptian cubit, showing how both were used by ancient artisans in the high civilizations of Mesoameria.  www.vgarthnorman.com