Elder Ted E. Brewerton is a former member of the First Quorum of Seventy and now enjoys Emeritus status.  He was the first president of the Central American Area of the church.
He chaired the committee which created the Church edition of the Spanish Bible; has served as: a Regional Representative; Stake President; Executive Administrator for Brazil and the Mexico North Area; in the area presidencies of the Mexico/Central America, South America South and North America West Areas; and President of the Mexico City Temple.
Elder Brewerton is a true Mesoamericanist, having spent much of his life studying the cultures of that area.  He has acquired originals and copies of many of the ancient Mayan documents.
BMAF has recently published a 70 page book of all his BMAF presentations which includes these subjects:
          The Catholic Chroniclers and the Book of Mormon
          Archaeological Scholars Support 3 Nephi without knowing its contents
          Giants and How They Relate to the Olmec and Jaredite Cultures of the Same Period
          Serpent Symbolism and It's Relationship to the Book of Mormon

BMAF is fortunate to have Elder Brewerton on it's Research and Education Board where he provides constant assistance.